• I think you're fine. Maybe you're asexual. There are people that can't stand music of any type (I used to know one) and who never listen to music when they're alone -- just silence. To most people, that's really strange and statistically it has to be a tiny portion of humanity. But you know what? It takes all kinds to make the world go round. So don't worry about it and focus on what you do like. And later, if you're attracted to someone, then let it happen. And if it doesn't, stay calm and enjoy your life.
  • You had a crush on some guy since (you are 19 now) you were 10 or younger?! What a waste of time and waste of puberty. At this point I would not even attempt to tell you that you are heterosexual or lesbian or bisexual. You don't even date so you don't know who turns you on and who doesn't. Get out in the dating world before you try labeling yourself. You're young there is no rush. Hopefully sexual attraction happens after you get to know someone and and do a little making out. You'll know soon enough if it feels good and you want more or nah this is boring/disgusting I'm done. Good luck!

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