• A demonstrated certificate of education is always good.
  • MA any time!
  • Nothing beats work experience. A certificate hanging on the wall does not mean you're any better prepared than someone with years of experience. Look at it this way... when you have open heart surgery, do you want the doctor that's already done 100 heart surgeries or the new doctor that went to a bunch of schools learning how to do it?
  • Look at it this way. I did interviews for a company a while back. I had a girl with two master degrees and no experience and a guy with a diploma but over 10 years experience. The guy got the job simply because he could give me relevant points that fit him to the perfect candidate. He's still working there and up for promotion. The upshot is that experience in the job is worth more than a degree telling you about the job.
  • A balance of both. too much abstract learning can leave a person out of touch with the physical world. Just working experience may limit the horizons of possibility. Balance.

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