• We don't have a feature like that at the moment. Let me talk to one of the Devs and see if we can create something along those lines.
    • Crazychick
      Hey Dan, did you get rid of this profile: I ask because that was the guy who was stalking and harassing me about three months ago, and now he has returned with a new account and now he is trying to play the innocent and pretending he's forgotten that he started trouble with me in the first place, he's now trying to make it look as if I'm the one picking on him instead of the other way round. Can you please do something to keep him away from me?
  • There should be a mechanism to block people which is a standard feature of most sites. But , and this is unfortunate, there will always be plenty of people like that on such sites. I know who you are referring to and they thrive on your being all horrified and indignant. I would advise not giving them the satisfaction. Just ignore them and they eventually go away. I get my share of them because I post a lot about personal issues and if they don't get their satisfaction of disrupting you they just go away.
    • Crazychick
      I still don't know why he chose to swoop on me though, because I hadn't previously done anything to him. I can't figure out what it was supposed to be revenge for. A friend told me that pervert joined this site to seek revenge on members who pissed him off on the old Answerbag, but I wasn't on the old Answerbag so why would he have a grudge against me?
    • Army Veteran
      If there was a feature to block users, this would become a strictly Liberal site.
  • No, the question should be: "Is it possible to remove followers from your Following list?" I need the Following feature to see my friends feed. It lets me know what questions they are answering so perhaps I could answer them myself. 😀

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