• About Kim Kardashian thick.
    • Ice man
      That's pretty thick, and I'm not sure what Kanye's gonna say about it ......but .. them is some big hams..... 10+ points for the thick slices, Bro.
  • This answer isn't about meat but when I was a boy, I had an uncle who took our cheese out of the fridge and cut a thin slice off then took the rest of it with him out the door eating it.
    • Ice man
      So he "cut the cheese" and ran. lol
    • Rick Myres
      Yes he did. Lol :)
  • 3/16th of an inch give or take a micron : ) In other words thick.
    • Ice man
      In other words thick ? Give or take a micron, that's the minimum I'll cut a slice for ham & eggs. Otherwise I'll usually cut it at half an inch thick.
  • Almost paper thin to layer on sandwiches or about a half inch thick for everything else.
    • Ice man
      Sounds about right to me. I'm having layered ham slices with Swiss cheese and mustard on kaiser buns for lunch. It's amazing how good that tastes with a cold beer. : )
    • Azlotto
      "amazing how good that tastes with a cold beer"...Indeed. Beer is the ultimate condiment.
    • Ice man
      And here I thought it was the mustard ! LoL
  • Depends entirely on how hungry you are, surely!
    • Ice man
      Sweetie, there are no wrong answers to this type of question. It's all about personal taste and the thickness of the ham you slice. I like mine a half inch thick for a supper with a bed of rice and a salad or a steamed vegetable, and I like it thinner ( around 3/16 of an inch) for breakfast, and thinner yet (shaved) for sandwiches at lunchtime, but that doesn't mean I'm right, or that I'm hungrier than you are. I cook for a mammoth amount of people (anywhere from 50 to 300) in my spare time. By asking ... I'm only hoping for a broad spectrum point of view. Now would you like to offer your opinion ? It would be appreciated. : )
  • I spit roast the whole pig and throw the whole thing on a cutting needed.
    • Ice man
      Ah yes, nothing better than a pig roast. For years my biker buddies and I used to do that once or twice a summer. A few kegs of beer, and a good time was had by all.
  • thats up to you
    • Ice man
      No Pearl, I've already said what and how I like it The question begs for a personal answer of something as simple as a your preference as to how thick you slice your ham .

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