• How very convenient for him. I could be wrong and don't want to give bad advice, but from what you've told us - you have a big problem. It sounds like he is lying and he is happy to be apart from you, and has something(s) to hide as well. If I were you I'd first be asking myself if I was okay with it, and if you're not okay - I'd be demanding some answers and telling him to make up his mind right now as to whether your marriage or his buddies & football are more important to him. Depending on his attitude and answer - it might be time to talk to a lawyer (without telling your husband). Good luck.
  • Doesn't really seem that he enjoys spending time with you. If not then what is the reason you are married? My husband is quite the workaholic and does spend time away but makes it up by being together on weekends and when he is home. I couldn't imagine being married to someone who did not enjoy being with me. Must be very discouraging and difficult.
  • sounds like hes more interested in his football buddies

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