• 12-29-2016 Long explanation:
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Jan.31
  • 8-17-2017 "Range" can mean a line of mountains, the land where cattle roam, a distance a gun can shoot, a collection of numbers from a math function, high and low values of some measurement. A stove is a stove, or the past tense of stave, which means to bash a hole. So if you want to talk about a range you have to explain what you are talking about.
  • I guess I am one of the "old school" here. We called the ole wood range in our kitchen, but when it was replaced with a gas stove we called it a stove. I guess the difference was one burned wood the other gas or even electric. some of the really large Gas stoves were still called ranges because they had 6 to 8 burners and two or three ovens. I don't think they make gas ranges like them anymore. They were huge!

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