• Not sure if this is an old question or a new one? I will answer even though it may fall on deaf ears er em, no ears at all? History of Christmas customs Celebrating Jesus
  • The catholic church was trying to bring more pagans into the church. To do so they swayed the pagans of the time who were celebrating winter solstice pagan celebrations. The Catholic church chose this time for bringing in the pagans and because the winter solstice meant the starting of the new solstice year.
  • 12-24-2016 There are several books titled "Babylon Mystery Religion" setting forth the history of the church founded by Astarte/Oestre/Ishtar/Easter, which eventually took over the official religion of Rome and became the Catholic Church. Expansion of the church was largely by absorbing smaller pagan churches, usually with little or no change to them. That is why there are so many different kinds of priests with distinctive robes, and so many images to worship. BTW that is also the only reason I have ever found for the bishop's odd hat: it is a stylized fish head, worn by priests of Dagon.
  • Pagan doctrines, such as the Trinity and the inherent immortality of the soul, became part of a tainted form of Christianity.
  • Christ's death and resurrection were applied to all creation---all good was redeemed. So various pagan celebrations became Christian celebrations. (Hope you had a Merry Christmas.)
  • The trinity...based on a pagan concept that a 'god' would be ware of the pagans depicted this as a god with three faces...and the RCC blindly accepted it. Even though it is NOT scriptually supported.

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