• I'm a Magpie, and yes, I like shiny things and I pick them up whenever I see them in the streets. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      You my fine feathered friend, were the inspiration for this question. : )
  • No have never been drawn to that but I have friends who do like shiny things.
    • Ice man
      I've known both men and women who like shiny things but I think it's mostly a "girl thing", IE: jewelry. : )
    • officegirl
      Never been big on jewelry though do have some nice things I seldom wear. Perhaps a vestige of my hippie days. When I used to wear a single earring.
  • Yes and yes..I own several polished stainless steel pistols...I think of them as "eye candy"
    • Ice man
  • I have one or two shiny pairs of platform boots.
    • Ice man
      I have absolutely no doubt and would love to see them. ; )

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