• It is a noble gesture, Meow Woof, but first, make sure you can afford it, and second, make sure it goes to genuinely homeless people, not drug addicts.
  • i would give them food and not money
    • Linda Joy
      I have done the same but just learned its illegal.
    • pearllederman
      never heard of it being illegal
  • In most places its against the law to give cash or food to the homeless. If you want to help the homeless its better to do it legally by donating time or money to a homeless shelter. Or churches that help the homeless. Or you could give gloves or hats or scarves or blankets. But not cash or food.
  • Giving money in a way contributes to the problem. There are so many agencies like "meals on wheels", "food bank", "Los Angeles missions", SPCA, Salvation Army, Churches, etc.
  • Don't give them money. Most of the people you see begging for money for food won't spend it on food. What happens to me quite a bit, I see people who stand on the corner with a sign saying they need food money. I offer them a job and the opportunity to make money. I haven't had any takers yet.
  • It's not a bad thing to do. Just keep in mind that sometimes these people may be homeless but they still have money. They just prefer to work the streets. Notice how many of them have cell phones.
    • Linda Joy
      Not bad? In most cities its illegal! Cell phones are free to SNAP recipients. Wouldn't want them to miss a job interview would you?
  • No, charity organizations can do more for the needy than we can with our spare change.
  • Homeless people should not be given money; it fuels their bad habit, and any other habits used with that money.
  • No. Give the money to homeless shelters and/or direct charities. Giving money to people on the street is as bad as covering yourself in bread crumbs and walking through bird nesting grounds.

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