• Yes. A friend who lives in California said there was not vote given to the people of the state regarding sanctuary cities. It was just done, not everyone is happy about it either.
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      I can imagine. My question would be why do they leave those people in office? Spending millions of taxpayer dollars on lawsuits against the Trump administration everytime the AG out there doesn't like something. Ever wonder why all the lawsuits are filed in California?
  • You gotta love the "Silver spoon" crowd. Eh?
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      Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  • Where is your documentation that says ALL Californians want illegal immigrants? I hate when people make global statements as if they speak for everyone. Being a sanctuary state is not something Californians were asked, they were told by the powers that be who run the place. Out of 10 about 7 would say no don't do that.
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      Did I use the word "ALL" somewhere in my question?
  • Volunteer to have them yourself
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      I don't want 'em. Maybe the Hollywood hippies will take them into their homes when they complain about the Republican elites/millionaires. How about Michael Moore? Shouldn't he take them considering he was just complaining about how the rich people don't take care of the poor? He could help out I'm sure.
  • I don't blame them. Homeless people are turning Irvine, California into a vast dump. In other cities of the Golden State, what were normally picturesque neighborhoods are rotting food piles up on sidewalks, streets and curbs, alongside dilapidated furniture, discarded wrappers and abandoned shopping carts.
  • Wondering if major cuts to social services is a factor in the increase in homeless people in general.

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