• Be careful because you can just drive yourself batty looking for signs in things. Could be a symptom of low self-esteem that you feel you need to do that. We naturally connect things that happen in our heads but is good to realize that we are making that connection and not the universe.
  • An inanimate object (feather) falls and you feel a chill? Close the window.
  • It's a sign that you are prone to nonsense. But that's the case with all religions.
  • Dream catchers are not from my culture, but I know that they are not some sacred spiritual artifact that may have some spirit power imbued in it. They are like the crib mobiles the modern parents put over their kids cribs to entertain the kids. There are literally millions of those things imported from China into the country every year to sell to Americans. I wouldn't put too much thought into the incident.
  • According to Indian lore, dreamcatchers should be hung in a window. The netting in the center is to stop the bad dreams and hold onto them so they can be destroyed in the sunlight while the feathers hold onto the good dreams so they can be absorbed by the owner. There's no real "sign" associated with losing a feather unless you interpret it as being no longer effective in absorbing the good dreams. If you fix it, its power might return.

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