• I love having siblings. It's fun and you know you're not alone in the world 😃 Why don't you want to have sibling? Understand your issues and talk to your parents. It's really their decision but if they know your issues hopefully you guys can work through them.
  • Yes, some husbands and wives have sex into their 70's. It would be OK to have a brother or sister. Later in life they will stand by you and help you if needed.
  • It means she's either having sex with your dad or with someone else. The decision to have another child is theirs not yours. If she's "afraid" she will get pregnant, that indicates she doesn't want another child. I don't know why your mother would discuss with you her sex life though or why you even threaten suicide if she does. The decision to have kids should be between a husband and a wife
  • The reason i don't want another sibling is because they promised me they wouldn't have another kid. I Already have 1 sibling. Plus i've been traumatized with the thought since i found out my mom got pregnant again.
    • Black Mystique
      What don't you want another sibling?
    • Pattijo
      Traumatized , oh please grow up
    • worried.
  • Sounds like they are telling you the truth. It is you selfishly attempting to emotionally blackmail them. You are not telling yourself the truth.
  • None of that is any of your business.
    • Pattijo
      Amen , that;s what I'm screaming ...
  • Start by growing up , it is none of your business if they have a baby or not ... and well , yep it means they are having sex ... my my goodness ... what a foolish question
  • ya that's true they had sex and you are not allowed to prevent them having sex if You dont like that move away find another place
  • Yes it is, but maybe she was just making jokes. And also there is no problem doing it at that age.
  • Of course they are still having sex, and what's wrong with that? It's perfectly normal and healthy.
    • we are dough 68
      Even for parents ?!!
  • If you want to kill yourself because they have a baby that is selfish. And you need to grow up.
  • It means that she's probably having sex, not necessarily with your dad.
    • Lilo Avli
      Ouch !
  • How else do you become pregnant besides having sex?
  • Yep, they are still bumping uglies. Well...unless she is bonking the postman.
  • Well, it certainly means she and SOMEBODY are having sex.
  • Not necessarily...
  • You don't happen to know the AB user calling themself "sweetcakes", by chance...? It seems Sweetcakes appears to have a sex-starved horse and...well, we won't get into the graphics, but you get the picture...😉
  • They are either having sex or sex with others.

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