• I would definitely talk to your doctor on this one.
    • nicole drye
      why? theres nothing wrong with it.
    • officegirl
      Well there we have it - nothing wrong with making yourself vomit. Not sure what TV show or movie you learned that from but but what is wrong with it is that it is selfish, and harmful to yourself as well as to those who care about you. But perhaps you know that which is why you conspire to hurt them because that is the only way you have ever learned to feel that you have any power in life?
  • Don't know because I have never done it. I learned that was harmful and crazy so why would I want to do it? You not only shock your body but you don't allow your body to digest food and get the nutrition it needs so of course you die eventually. Then what you want everyone to feel so sorry for you? Het they might for a while but then they will just write you off as crazy and give up on you. I got into drugs when I was not much older than you but what kept me going and eventually helped me turn my life around was the love that was available to me from people around me and why would I want to reject that by committing suicide from vomiting?
    • nicole drye
      maybe i WANT to die
  • you dont, thats really unhealthy and you could end up messing up your stomach that way

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