• You need to learn what the words mean. Energy is not a physical unit. It is a philosophical concept and an accounting technique used to analyze mechanical and chemical exchanges. In nuclear physics it is defined as a wavelength of light, in biology it is a synonym for metabolism, and in public utilities they say energy when they mean connectivity. Anybody who uses the word in any other context either does not know what he is talking about, or is peddling something you don't need. A dimension is what you measure with a ruler. There are exactly three. If there were a fourth dimension, knots would not stay tied and blood would not stay in arteries. "Teleport" has never been observed, so it is strictly science fiction.
    • Anonymous
      I haven't done research on what my question even is. I thought of the question when I heard antimatter makes pure energy whenever it touches matter. So, it bothered me. Thanks for answering that it's science fiction. :)
    • cheapshot
      antimatter or darkmatter has sometimes been used to refer to matter in the universe we cannot see but we can account for by the gravitational forces shaping the universe and its drift. think of it like planets that dont have a sun to light them up and are simply adrift. not exactly the fuel of the future.
    • Jewels Vern
      Dark matter was invented by Ian Oort in 1938 to fudge his data to agree with his theories. You can look the name up at and it will tell you that in almost the same words. It can be accounted for only by assuming that the theory is true for the purpose of your proof.

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