• I think I would approach the parent in question and ask if what I thought I saw was really what it was. Then if they confirmed this, I would talk to them and make them come clean.
  • I didn't need to tell them...My arrival into the family was pretty much all the proof the mother needed..and she wasnt about to divorce my dad over it...she adopted me to keep him
  • I would talk to the parent I saw cheating...tell him/her what I saw, and that I expected him/her to tell the other parent or I would. Please Flag...Duplicate!
  • I would talk to the parent I saw cheating...tell him/her what I saw, and that I expected him/her to tell the other parent or I would.
  • No, I wouldn't jump into that. Most extramarital affairs are temporary, and with great sense of guilt. I would demand the relationship to stop. Telling the other parent would basically jeapardize the marriage and may not really be for the better. Even though most spouses would hotly want to know, in many cases it might really be better if they did not find out when the problem goes away by itself.
  • Yes i would, I could not lie to my other parent and besides that they have the right to know and if the shoe was on the other foot i would want them to tell me.
  • Unfortunately this happened to my children's friends he saw his mom with another man, his folks got divorced, the teen is still shattered about the whole thing. And the mother has remarried the new man. The whole situation is just awful.
  • if it ever happened I would talk to the one I sprung ....then I would leave it up to them to put the wrong ...right
  • my cousin actually did that. i have HUGE respect for her. yes i would tell. [my parents split because an affair anyways so if i could've stopped it from going on so long even when i was 3 i would've]
  • It actully is happening to me right now am the oldest of 3 sistes and we all know, have known for about 3 years and the longer it goes (dad is cheating) the more harder it gets, but we do not know what to do about it therefore can not make a decison on the right thing to do, our father knows we know and admits he is not happy in his marrriage with our mother. but he is having his cake a d eating it too which is not totally fair and I'm lost on how to handle this. Very lost.
  • I think I'd probably give my parent an ultimatum - either they do the right thing and confess to what's going on, or they'll hear it from me.
  • I would talk to the parent that was cheating. Advise them that I know and that they should come clean and tell the other parent, or I will tell them and they will lose my love and respect for having me know about it and not being big enough to tell the other parent themselves. I would tell them how destructive thier behaviour is on me and tell them that they are being totally selfish.
  • First off, by cheating you mean walking in on one of your parents having sex with someone else? I think I wouldnt want that imagery and probably would wind up spewing vomit projectiles at light speed. Seriously, my folks are divorced. It's for the better.
  • My parents marriage sucked... He was and still is an asshole and she has passed away. My brothers knew for a fact that he cheated on her with all sorts of dirt-bags and whores... They never told her. I have a little hatred in my heart for them for doing that to her. They knew the situation, and she could have gotten out a long time before she finally did in her 60's... and not wasted so much of her life on such a jerk-off had they said SOMETHING. I hold them partially responsable. but honestly none of them are any better than he is in their own relationships so...
  • I would speak with the cheating one and insist that they fess up.
  • mom has many times, and i seen her in action, no i will not tell dad.
  • No way! In situations like these, the cuckold often blames the messenger for delivering bad news. No matter how old a child grows, parents never get over the idea that they are intellectually superior to the child. Mine would probably treat me the same as I did when I said, "Santa Claus is real" at age 7, and accuse me of imagining things or lying. It's better to wait for the cheater to get caught, because eventually they'll forget to cover their tracks. And when that happens, you can still maintain a peaceful relationship with both parents because you haven't been involved.
  • I would stop talking to that parent until they corrected the problem and came clean. It's not fair to you to ask to be tied up in their lie OR to help them clean it up.
  • I have been in this situation, my dad cheated on my mum, an surprise surprise he is now doing it again. I was still young when i was made aware of the situation the first time an like any good girl, i lied, denied and cried. It is never easy to be the sole barer of such a secret, it simply plays on your on mind and by the time you make a decision, time has gotten away from you and you no longer think you can confront the parent. If you are relatively young and do confront the cheating parent, be prepared for them to tell you that you dont understand and that they have been unhappy and that the person they are cheating with was the one person to see how upset they were. Then they will, if they are good liars deny deny deny, tell you that you are too young to understand and that they are just friends. You need to prepare to argue, as you will argue and it is always hard, but believe me when i say that it will get easier, as once it is out there you are able to start the healing process, yes it will be very hard and it will take time, just be patient, do not blame yourself, if the cheating parent blames you, ignore it, you are not the one in the wrong, you never were, this is just their way of making themselves feel better. At the end of the day you need to live with decision you have made, just consider all consequences before making a decision and you will realise the end decision is right for you!
  • Coming from someone who is personally experiencing this, I have found it to be nearly impossible to tell the parent what I saw, and even though I know with all my heart, that the other parent deserves better and has a right to know, telling either of them is nearly impossible.
  • I would stay out of it.
  • When will people quit listening to those whom teach falsehoods to the people? Cheating or Adultery are not what the church and society say they are. Adultery is the breaking of the marriage vows taken before the Lord God. This does not include sex. Sexual intercourse is a biological function of the body only. It is a natural desire. The Lord God gave us sex as a pleasure and enjoyment. He enjoys seeing us enjoying sex. Sex is not dirty, nasty or a sin if done with the proper restraints. There is nothing wrong with sex as long as it does not disgrace the Lord God or cause injury to another person. Rape is wrong because it injures another person. As long as a husband fulfills the requirements of Exodus 21:15b and has no intentions to not leave his wife he has done no wrong. As long as the wife is a "help meet" for her husband she has done no wrong. It is best if you stay out of your parents business let them work there problems out for themselves. If you get in the middle of it you may have to choose sides and that will not be pleasant. What I said above is only a very small drop of a very deep and long teaching. It is from the Word of the Lord God.
  • Of course! The other parents health is at risk!
  • 7-15-2017 I would mind my own business and avoid sowing discord in the family.

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