• I answered this once before and perhaps in more detail, but the farther away from us stars and galaxies get, the faster they go. When they reach lightspeed, they still exist, but since no information about them can ever get back to us, they effectively leave our universe. From their point of view, we have left their universe. If Einstein is correct, at the point where they reach lightspeed they would also be paper-thin.
  • The universe is constantly expanding, so this makes one believe we could never reach the end.
  • No one can answer this correctly because no one is all facts because it is impossible with the technology we have today to answer.
  • My understanding of the subject is that there is infact no edge of the universe. A good analogy is that of a balloon with little stars drawn all over it. As you inflate it the stars get further apart (universe expanding), but also you can see there is no edge. The reason that the galaxies are going away from us, is not because they are "actually" moving, but because the space inbetween is growing large. Another analogy of this is that you have a ruler, but you stretch it rather than add another ruler on the end to make it larger. Though this is theory and no one can actually see far enough into the universe to see the edge if there was one (the universe is so old that there hasn't been enough time for photons from the edge of the universe to reach us yet).
  • What if there lies more Universes beyond our own....think of rain drops hitting the ground they are all random. So think that our Universe is one of many raindrops in a dark black void that is infinite.8DT
  • The best guess at the moment is quiet dark emptiness.
  • Another Disneyland Park.
  • It's origins. As thin is the divide as a rubber band stretched until it is about to snap!
  • what lies beyond the (nonexistent) edge is the same thing as that which lies between the individual quanta of space (and time). space just wraps around so there is no edge.
  • One Universe ends another begins Why should there be an end? more feasible that there is no end.
  • i dont think anyone knows that one

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