• It's not used much. I'd stick with C++.
  • Just about the last time I heard of any demand for COBOL was in the 3-4 years leading up to 2000. Many of the programs with dates embedded in them were expected to go wonky when 1999 changed to 2000, and many of those old programs had been created using COBOL. But that's more than seven years in the past. Learn the newer languages - including whatever comes along and is even better than C++.
  • There are still a lot of lines coded in Cobol especially in large financial and government related companies. If such a company wants to change they will need at least people who can read it. If your employer belongs to them they will be happy to send you to training for it. It's not hard to learn by yourself since you know C. That language is a lot harder to learn than Cobol.

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