• Um..How long ago did your ex break up with you? You shouldn't be worrying too much about getting another girlfriend this fast. Are you even sure if you like your best friend like that? If you haven't had feelings for her in the past it'd be best not to try to say you want to date her without any real feelings involved.. That would definitely end the friendship.
  • Wow dude. Why do you wanna ask her out? If you just feel like you need a girlfriend cuz your girl dumped you then..DONT! First off, if shes your best bud then she knows you just got dumped and wouldnt want to anyway, and if youve been friends for a while and she hasnt showed any signs that she likes you any more then friends she may catch on and feel used and your friendship will be done all together. Find another girl to hang out you like any other girls? Point being, dont ask out a girl just cuz you want a girlfriend. Thats totally wrong and one of you may end up hurt, most likely the girl. Take it slow in getting to know a girl you like and gradually start dating. Dont date someone just cuz your hurt and want comfort thats what friends and family are for. Go out and you may realize you dont need a girlfriend right now.
  • You shouldn't jump from girl to girl. Your best bud will not appreciate being a rebound so be careful.
  • Wow, you're a dick. "I need another gf, my ex just broke up with me" Seriously man.
  • i would ask her, she might not freak out
  • i would ask her anyways, she might go out with you

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