• Pick up the trash that was thrown over. Yuk!
  • i AM a kid, and the worst is folding EVERYONES laundry, and painting the house or the deck...
  • Help my father fix the leaky roof every time it would rain. He would tell me "what do you think this is? Club Med?"
  • We had some male Welsh ponies, and occasionally I had to pull their penises out of the sheath and scrape away the dirt and gravel, then repack them with lanolin cream.
  • ... scrub toilet, as part of "My turn to clean" ...
  • Cut the grass on an extremely large lawn with a push mower.
  • Raking cypress leaves out of the ditch in my front yard. I hated doing that. Some of those cypress knees are pointy.
  • I had to pick up cigarette butts from the yard. I was given a penny a butt. I got caught cheating though. I would pick them up from the neighbors yards and also dig them back out of the trash. My mother finally caught on. LOL
  • At first cleaning the kitty litter box all the fumes killed me. Then it got worse my mom got three great danes and I had to pick up the poo from the backyard because the nextdoor nieghbors reported us to the city and we got in trouble for not having a clean backyard. I was 12 at the time so I thought this was retarded because it was our backyard. I thought it was more retarded that I had to clean it up because I did not have anything to do with those dogs my argument was I didn't tell you to get those big ass dogs. But since I was twelve that just got me grounded
  • Wash the dishes and I still have to do it as an adult GOD WILL IT EVER END!!!
  • Clean the dog poop out of the yard. And my dad wasn't all that great with the lawn mower so the grass was usually pretty long. And then each summer I had to paint the wood trim on the diamond pane windows....each summer!
  • Lawn work, like raking and mowing.
  • The thing i hated doing most was refilling the icetrays and washing dishes. I don't mind doing dishes even now, but I will not refill icetrays. We have an icemaker or I would just have to do without.
  • Take all everyone trashcan on trash day. We lived in a fourplex and it was my job to take out the trashcans on trash day. Only good thing was I was paid $5.00 a week to do it, so wasn't to bad.
  • I guess I was very lucky, I didn't have to do anything but in a way that was bad because I got married at 21 & knew nothing about being a housewife

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