• yup, they would both show up as opiates...and it will take around 3 days for them to clear from you system...however, that can depend on how often you use them, if you take time released versions of them and other such things...
  • they show up seperate because of the different molecular compound that is used to make the two different drugs. look up their chemical compound in latest websters dictionary although they are very close you can see there is a difference
  • To answer an old question; I see it was asked last year; they will show up as having separate metabolites, oxymorphone and hydromorphone. Hydrocodone will be out of your urine after 48 hours, unless you have taken a very large amount. Oxycontin will also be metabolized by then, as well.
  • when taking apreemployment drug test, if i have a prescription for the oxy's and roxy's be acceptable or should i start looking for other work?
  • Usually the opiates that drug tests test for are morphine and codeine, which heroin breaks down into. oxycodone and hydrocodone break down into something else that the tests might not pick up. Regular use of moderate to high doses of oxycodone may leave enough morphine in your body to be detected by the test. Why that is, I have no idea, but it may have something to do with the metabolism of high amounts of oxy in your system, and the liver not being able to break it down to a simpler metabolite.
  • will hydrocodone show differently than oxycontin?
  • Holy Molly, is there any drug you didn't take?
  • i go to a pain clinic was at my sisters wedding in chicago forgot my meds,so i took 2 of my husbands vics yesterday,and forgor i have to go to pain clinic tomorrow.what can i do?
  • i am prescribed both oxy,and percocet.It's the vicodin i am worried about showing up,

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