• I don't know enough about Scientology to give an educated view of what I think about this group.Public opinion means little if it is not backed up in facts.I know little of this organization and have no interest in them for I have too many more important issues.
  • I don't really know much about Scientology but if it makes you as crazy and neurotic as Tom Cruise that's all I want to know!
  • I respect religions i really do, but Scientology is a crock of shit. However, the creator is a genius, look at all the money he is milking :D
  • This about sums it up: A former Scientologist tells his story: The Story: Another former Scientologist with links to her site: Kids who grew up in Scientology and now speak out: Arnie Lerma, Early Scientologist: Gerry Armstrong, Former Scientologist Co$ vs. Gerry Armstrong Gerry Armstrong Site More unethical and illegal Scientology activities: More Scientology Shit Deep Sixed Long Ago: Scientology Agents, including LR Hubbard's wife, break into Federal offices in Wahsington, DC., get caught and do time, afterwhich the "church" gets tax exemption: Scientology Murders: Footnotes 1Suppressive Person Order, aka SP Declare (Co$ Internal Documents): An Actual SP Declare: 2Co$ Fair Game Policy (Co$ Internal Documents) Fair Game Related: The Purpose of a Lawsuit (Co$ Internal Documents) Co$ Fair Game in Wikipedia Fair Gamed: Wollersheim, Anderson and Armstrong: Michael Flynn gets Fair Gamed Paulette Cooper gets Fair Gamed Lawrence Wollersheim gets Fair Gamed 3Sea Organization (Sea Org) 4Flag Land Base, Clearwater 5PAC (Pacific Area Command) Base, Los Angeles 6Gold Base 7Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) Children’s RPF An Ex-Scientologist Message Board: Anonymous can’t think all this shit up, folks! Office of Special Affairs (OSA): Film Footage: 1. The Un-funny Truth about Scientology 2. Co$ Core Beliefs (This is NOT a Joke): Short Version: Why Scientologists Can’t Talk About It: Former Scientologist Steven Fishman Talks About Scientology. Part I: Part II: Part III: Part IV: Part V: Part VI: Part VII: From A Mainstream News Source (The good stuff starts around marker 3:30): A Third Generation Scientologist Speaks Out: 3. Co$ Commandeers the Cult Awareness Network (CAN): 4. Anonymous Global Protests (Soundtrack is 404 due to copyright violation): 5. Investigative Reporter Gets Inside the Co$ (25 min.): One Result of the Co$ Recruiting Technique (The Co$ “Personality Test“): Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News Clip On Scientology, 1968: 6. Son of Co$ Founder Accuses Father of Fraud: Part I Part II The Global Fight Against the Church of Scientology: SUPPORT ANONYMOUS WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU CAN! )
  • it scares me
  • It is somewhat crazy/dangerous. People have died, lost their life savings, lost their loved ones. It is brainwashing at it's worst.
  • I used to love being a member of the church of Scientology (aka CofS). Thought it was pretty special. I found too much predatory crap there and found that others had it much worse than I ever did. Plus, the cult wouldn't stay out of my business so I left. They expelled me a year later in a brilliant effort to lock the barn door after the horse got out. I still think there're a lot of wonderful things in the Scn ideology and methodology and that's still very much a part of my life. But there's also some stuff that just plain needs to be deleted from it. No two people are ever going to agree on all that so I recommend (for those who like Scn but not all the crap that goes iwth it) a heretical approach and also not just limiting oneself to Scn and Dianetics.
  • I don't know much about them but judging from a distance there seems to be some very successful people there so I think they must be SOMETHING right. On the other hand all the secrecy and arcane practices makes people rightfully suspicious of them.
  • for 15 years i got almost 4 first class letters from them a week ('72-'87) any time I got less than 2 for three weeks I would go down to a center and fill out some more forms and buy what ever was the cheapest piece of propaganda that they had put out ... more first class mail. I figured that I as up between 4 and 6 to one just on postage. I did buy the 8008 book; one of the more out there publications ... never saw it for sale to the lay people after that. Gota love Xenu
  • Would that everyone had enough money to purchase salvation, eh?
  • It's a dangerous, money-hungry cult.
  • Depends on whether you're asking me how I feel about the philosphy and methodology or how I feel about the Church of Scientology. I left the cult years ago but still find much value in the underlying tenets, theories and practices. _____________________________________________________ The Church of Scientology is a very problematic cult. It's abusive. Having successful members doesn't indicate anything as there are successful people and unsuccessful people (and those in between) in every single walk of life.
  • It was founded by L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was psychotic
  • Do you remember the reverend Leroy, and the Church of What's Happening Now? That was a comedy skit by Flip Wilson, and it made more sense than Scientology.
  • Ya' know; NO ONE actually knows just what the RIGHT religion / Faith really is .... There are various religions/faiths with the SAME purpose . to get to heaven or the next plane of life etc ... It is like if I was trying to get to Atlanta and I'd go I-75 and you go US 19 etc ... we are taking different routs BUT with the same intent ... That is how I see various religions ... same objective with different routes/ means to get there ... So; it is NOT my place to judge or critize anyone's faith or religion ... who knows ? IT just MIGHT be the ONE True Religion IF there is a One true religion ... I don't know .. +5
  • I find it hard to take the doctrine seriously. The supposed origin of where people come from is too much like a sci-fi novel to me. If you're into it, then all well and good. Everyone walks their religious road in different ways. I just know that it's not for me.
  • I think your either into it or not, and if not you don't have any views.
  • I think it is interesting, but I am turned off that it costs lots of money to participate. I don't believe they know what they are talking about, but I would be curious to learn more about their program just out of curiosity.
  • L.Ron Hubbard as much as admitted that the religion was an invention to make money and evade taxes. There are thousands of gullible people willing to pay impressive sums to support the scam. I wish I had though of it.
  • Fucked up and dangerous. . . . .
  • Here's my short answer.... False teaching.
  • its a load of hubbard dianetically speaking
  • A scam, but no worse than many "religions".The hierarchy targets prominent people who may be vulnerable to their "pitch". The object is to separate people from their money, +5

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