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  • Well, sneaking out is easy depending on what your parents are doing, when, and where. Basically, wait till they're both asleep and rig something in your room with pillows or clothes ect. to make it seem like your still sleeping. and leave your house as quietly as possible, make things seem like your still there if they checked on you. Know what time they wake up and go to work and time your return at least maybe an hour before that happens. If transportation is an issue, hitchhike, and in that case, make sure you estimate the time you gotta start hitchhiking back becuase it can take along time during the night. Have fun.
  • I would ask your sponsor what their suggestion is...
  • Haha come up to oregon and i'll smoke some shit with you! I just got some hella dank sweet tooth
  • i took the screen off my window and just jump the eff out. if u live in a 2 story house then u could sneak out the backdoor which i use to do.

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