• The only fun that rabbits have is in making other rabbits.
  • They love cardboard boxes and big tubes also things they can jump on top. My 2 rabbits love grooming each other.
  • They also like things to chew on toilet paper tubes (no paper) crunkled carboard paper cardboard no ink brown paper untreated wood blocks toys from pet stores (no small parts they could swallow though)
  • They also romp with each other -- chase each other and "play wrestle" -- although fully adult rabbits do this less frequently than kits or youngsters.
  • Our mini lop loves to push up against hanging fabric (like a dangling sleeve). He will do it for hours, going from one sleeve to another in a figure "8". If the sleeves are removed he gets quite confused and searches around where they were. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Try it!
  • My bun likes climbing boxes.

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