• I have a couple of paintings we paid over 500 for but none really famous, but I would love to own a Juan Miro or Calder, maybe even a keith haring
  • The most I would spend is $250-$300. I really like the works of Monet and Van Gogh.
  • The most I would spend is maybe $500. The most I have ever spent is about $100 and that was because I had something framed.
  • I have a few good paintings my Father left me. A big painting that belonged to Dave Clark,I do not know how much they are worth. I would pay as much as I could afford for something I really wanted.
  • I own lots of original artwork. Much of it is my husband's. Some is from other artists we know or have known. I don't know what you consider expensive but it is all priceless to me.
  • Yes I do. I have a small painting by Alex Katz, also a drawing and a print. I also have works by other international artists. I have the privilege to work with several of them on books and exhibitions.

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