• alkieda
  • Religious Extremists of any kind (and I'm sure I'll be hit for this) including christians
  • Lesbian's for Kathy Lee Gifford
  • The Neoconservative element responsible for the PNAC document (project for the new american century, for those not familiar) They are completely ruthless, desire power over everything else, want to use America to rule the world (under their guidance, of course) and don't care a fig for the US Constitution or for human rights. It's impossible to top THAT list of credentials!
  • Actually, the most dangerous hate group in America today is the NAACP. No one seems to realize that they are just as hateful as any of the others.
  • I guess religious people and liberals are the most dangerous groups in the USA- the only saving grace is that they hate each others guts. its shocking to see what goes on in this country with these two groups- both try to use the name of good ( or god in one case) and both are basically really way off course.
  • Well the Liberals opened the door for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. All 3 are a threat to our way of life
  • Religious extremist groups, in my opinion, are the most dangerous, bigoted, hateful group in the world today.
  • Pretty much any & all racist groups.... The KKK, The BNP, Neo-Nazi groups, The Republicans.
  • Hell's Angels aren't a threat to society worthy of note... of those, KKK most definitely are, as are any racist groups. Race hate, whether white or black, is a fundamental problem in society. Also religious extremists, of whatever religion. Although I wouldn't say that the Taliban are a threat to our society the same way as others are, since they are not in amongst our society like others.
  • Republicans. They've had 8 years to provide their Utopia, and all they've got are excuses.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Sounds like you're talking about Obama. Not to mention all of Hillary's excuses.
  • I have to say "ignorance" in general has always been the biggest threat to anyone anywhere ...
  • none of them, they have b all been around for years and still haven't effectivly change anything in western soc.?? the taliban and other exrexmists are only a treat if we let them in again
  • Even one person breeding hate is dangerous! It spreads like wildfire, but then again so does love. Which one will you spread? If it's hate, when would now be the time to change that?
  • It all is the same source, hate, fanatacism and ignorance blanketed in the tribe du jour, albeit, KKK, or Charlie Manson's Family.
  • The KKK is a bunch of inbred retards with no real organization. The Christian Identity group are the ones who worry me.
  • Along with all of the above, how about organized gangs, pervasive throughout North America. They recruit and feed on our young.
  • Republicans. They have caused more people to hate the US than any other group. We are our own worst enemy.
  • uber-liberals. They want to make us a nation of many instead of a nation of one, as spoken by Al Gore during his (mis)interpretation of E Pluribus Unum. "We can build a collective civic space large enough for all our separate identities, that we can be e pluribus unum -- out of one, many." E Pluribus Unum is the motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America, and is Latin for "out of many, one," not "out of one, many." (Source: January 1994. From a Milwaukee speech to the Institute of World Affairs as quoted in Investor's Business Daily, October 25, 1996.)
  • Hell's Angels and the KKK are pikers. The Taliban is only interested in camel jockeys. The real threats to Western Society are the International Bankers and the stupid politicians that empower them.
  • The Klan, Angels and groups like them are miniscule compared to the population. Even the Taliban. What the real danger is, is NOT recognizing the ideology behind them and placating them in the name of tolerance.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Well said
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And the Angels are not a hate group. Just a motorcycle club.

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