• 450 square feet - one bedroom, one bath - tiny, comfortable sitting on two acres of wood land - lots of trees
  • 2,200 square feet 3 bedroom, 2 full bath on 5 acres with 1,600 square foot barn.
  • 230 sq.ft. I live in a 5th wheel trailer.
  • 1750 sq.ft. as required to live in my restricted neighborhood. There are 7 acres of mostly trees for frolicking in. I started out living in a mobile home and worked my way up to better housing over many years.
  • im in an apt, ive never measured it
    • Shahria Nafiz Emran
      2200 square feet
    • Rithu Sinha
      Recently we bought a new 2BHK flat from Nest Habitation. It has a total area of 1303 sq.ft with Foyer, Living Room, 2 Bedroom, Kitchen & a Floor area.
  • It is about 1,200 square feet
  • It's an urban condo, 1500 sq feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, and a nice dressing room. We use one of the bedrooms as a study/office.
  • i dont know ..its a normal 3 bedroom home with dining room and a separate kitchen /bathroom...and a separate toilet .....and down stairs theres a rumpus room and laundry and loo and 2 garages
  • 200 to 250. I live in a darn apartment. The smallest around.

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