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  • Hello, According to Ayurveda remedies, one way to treat psoriasis is Panchakarma treatment. It involves plants, useful herbs for the treatment with dietary changes. The main aim is to purify, clean and detoxify the body along with the consumption of vegetarian food since meat can produce heat. Ayurveda remedies also include purification of blood and tissues. Digestion is restored to promote healing. Chitrakoot Medical and Health Center a part of Ayurveda Karnataka, is an organization aiming at providing the best Ayurvedic solutions to all your health-related issues. The best way to balance the doshas out is to create a stress- free lifestyle. Chitrakoota, Kundapuraan emerging part of Ayurveda India, can help you take care of your mind and body using all natural remedies away from the chaos. Read more at Psoriasis - Chithrakoota Blog

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