• Invite them in for dinner. Did you know many spiders spin webs because they can't see well enough to hunt? And they don't have brains big enough to become little spider optometrists - not to mention the lack of opposable thumbs to make the glasses for eight eyes! And to top it off they don't have ears or a nose to perch the little spider glasses on!! Poor things! I'd let them use my internet but I don't think they can see it!! Maybe I should start a go fund me account to buy contacts for my formerly homeless spiders! lol
    • Boola Boo
      You are a true animal lover, Yay for you.
    • Linda Joy
  • Kill them. I'm higher on the food chain.
  • Take them outside where they ay least have food to eat. There is a bigggg Fattt spider weaving a web outside. I just hope no one knocks him down. I love to watch them in their natural habitat.
  • To keep spiders, ants, and roaches out of your home take several jar lids about 3" diameter. Fill level with borax. Make a circular opening in the borax then put about a half teaspoon of honey in the middle of the opening smoothing the borax up to the edge of the honey. Place these "baits" in several places in your home, at least one in each room. I have had no spiders, ants, or roaches in my home since.
    • Linda Joy
      If they don't come in your home how do they get to the bait? lol
    • Thinker
      Where I live everyone has roaches. I used to see several each week. since putting out the bait I have not seen any roaches, ants, or spiders inside my trailer. So I guess they just stay away now. I did find 2 dead ones.
  • Put them a little plastic container and relocate them to the back yard...
  • theyre dead if i see thenn
  • If I find them, I kill them.
  • I usually let them go. I pick the up and put them outside. Why? Because spider webs around the outside of the house are nature's way of getting rid of worse critters like flies, mosquitos, bees etc. 😌
  • For anyone who likes spiders, keep in mind that they too have predators. One of the most common is centipedes. I hate spiders, but I more or less left them alone last year as long as they stayed in the corners and out of my way. That's when the centipedes came. I got rid of the spiders and the centipedes left as well. This year, I'm starting to see a return of the spiders and have dispatched a few centipedes already as well. Spiders may be "helpful" for some people, but they draw other vermin. Keep this in mind.
  • we call Terminex
  • Daddy longlegs get to stay, as they live in the corners of the ceiling. Garden spiders get evicted to the garden where they are most likely to find food, and not get squashed in my bed. I'm more likely to evict most spiders in March and September in the UK, as this is when spiders eggs hatch and you can get thousands indoors.
  • If they didn't leave their sticky webbing all over, so I walk into it when I go into my garage, or into my basement, I wouldn't have a problem with them. but since they do, I kill them and destroy their webs and strings.
  • Unless they're in the bath & I want to use it, nothing. If they're in the bath I put them outside.

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