• cardio
  • Swimming is a great calorie burner.Jump rope can be a fantastic burner too.
  • swimming because its anaerobic
  • Sex is my favorite work out.
  • anything you enjoy is good thing, monkey love is tops on my list
  • 8/12 is supposed to be brilliant at fitness and kilojoule burning also spin is excellent(probably better than 8/12) and will make you feel great.
  • swimmin and climbin
  • Ballet burns a bunch. Plus it speeds up your metabolism, so you burn more calories all the time--even in your sleep. It's awesome exercise, but hard to eat enough calories. If you're looking to lose weight and become more graceful, I recommend it...highly. (It's fun!)
  • SEX!!!
  • I am not sure exactly what exercise burns the most but... I do know that doing cardio for 20 minutes + burns the most calories. 20 minutes is the optimum time for burning the most calories if you want to get the most out of your workout, that is what I have read so I adhere to it.
  • in my opinion..swimming (whole body gets to move)
  • They've done some tests and it seems that cross country skiing burns the most calories and works the most muscles in your body while really giving the heart a workout as well
  • According to studies done at the Mayo clinic, running is at the top of the list, even above cross-country skiing... Aerobic Dancing: 416-533 cals Backpacking: 448-574 cals Biking: 512-574 cals Jogging: 512-656 cals Racquetball: 448-574 cals Rope Jumping: 640-820 cals Running: 864-1107cals Skiing, Cross-country: 512-656 cals Swimming: 384-492 cals Tennis: 448-574 cals
  • Cycling, swimming and running are all really great options for burning calories. You might want to check out the Livestrong site. They have a tool that tells you how many calories most common exercises burn. Good luck getting fit!
  • Any exercise can burn calories. The more vigorous you do it, the more calories you will burn. But for good all rounders. Swimming and weight training are good ones.
  • I would have to say rowing (Or crew as the americans like to call it) Gives a full body workout, and goes anaerobic within 1 minute of a hard workout. Swimming is also good, however, rowing i find is more entertaining, as you can do it with several other people, and it's easy to get into, simply join a local club and you'll get personal coaching (unless it's a gash club)
  • Running and planking are the exercises that burn a lot of calories even in short period of time.
  • Those which makes you sweat fast are the ones which helps you burn more calories. Eg., Squats, Plank, Cardio and doing more reps with heavy weights.

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