• Hated it!! Especially having to change in front of everyone.
  • hell ya, i was a bit over competitive though.
  • No, I didn't even participate this year; all I did was write pure nonsense for the coach when we had to write essays, about my grandmother being a professional murderer that can fly, being forced to eat bugs, and some basketball player becoming a prostitute. I have no idea how I passed...
  • I hated it, expecally having to shower & change in front of everone
  • Loved it and still go to the gym regularly.
  • I loved it; but, I did not like the gym outfit. I wore my own clothes and got points taken off every day. It was stupid because I was one of the only people who participated; and, I could not get higher than a C because I wouldn't wear shorts that were too short.
  • no way, people get way to in to the stupid games we are forced into playing. and if you had gym anywhere in the morning, the rest of the day your hair has to be in a ponytail, and you might smell.
  • No. I hated it.
  • H-A-T-E-D- it.
  • It was awful... None of the activities interested me at all. Shower and change crap was brutal. (Lets see, put a bunch of kids on the arc of puberty in a big, smelly, concrete room and make them shower and change... no risk of self-esteem damage there, eh?) If I were "God of High School Curriculum" I would mandate that PE would be more like a health-club... a general exercise class with machines and then PE specific classes like Aerobics, Softball, Basketball, Yoga, etc offered during specific periods... Kids had to take SOMETHING, but could register for a class offering for their liking and availability. Then, instead of just playing a game, you could get instruction for part of the period as well as play. Naturally, I would make changing spaces semi-private. gah!
  • Loved it, I was a good athlete, could play every sport.
  • Sports were just about the only thing I liked about it.
  • No I didn't. I was just thinking about what's wrong with the educational system (it was brought on by a stupid commercial). And I thought, I know one class that's done a great job of teaching their students. It's gym class! And what has that taught me? That, if you're not brute then you are inferior.
  • No..I absolutely hated it..hated everything about it! I've never been athletic so whatever we did in gym I was always the worst at doing it. :(

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