• As silly (and probably dangerous) as this sounds, when my computer was making a right noise, I took the side off and I got a bit of plastic and literally cleared the dust which was covering the top of the fan and it works a treat now.
  • Some fans are controlled by your bios temperature sensor. Some bios setups have temperatur settings that will effect your speed. Usually they only have two speeds. Your best bet is to replace the fan with a high quality fan with the same cfm rating. Something to consider: Some computers take special fans that need feedback to "know" if they are working. Don't waste your money if there are two sets of wires going to your fan. I have a fan that winds up like a jet when it gets hot so i took my side panel off for cooling. Its ugly but it works for me. good luck :)
  • Based on your comment to another person's answer, I think you're talking about the power supply (if it's rated at 450W). In that case - no. There are noisy fans and quiet ones. They are what they are. If you need a quieter fan in your power supply, I would take the new one back and ask for one with a quieter fan.
  • Not sure exactly what you mean by HDD fan - if you have a fan JUST for your hard drive, the best way is to simply disconnect it, you probably don't need it. But if you're talking about a case fan that cools the entire computer, the options are to buy a quiet fan, and/or a larger fan with a bezel that converts the size (larger fans are quieter because they don't have to spin as fast to move the same amount of air - and smaller fans are louder for this reason). If you're talking about the hard drive itself, not much you can do to quiet it down other than make sure it's mounted right. There used to be a website called that had all kinds of great products and information about cooling your system and quieting it down but they don't seem to be around anymore. :(
  • 3-23-2017 I don't know what "HDD" means either, so I offer general advice. Open your computer, remove the power supply, and clean the fan using Q-Tips and alcohol. Do not try to take the unit apart, only clean what you can reach from outside. Unclip the CPU fan and clean both the fan and the heat sink under it. If there is a separate case fan, clean that and be sure it blows out, not in. Get a big roll of plastic packing tape and cover every little hole in the case except the big one over the CPU. Remove the front and tape all the open drive bays. Put a plastic bag around the DVD drive so dust is not drawn through it. Get a 12x12x1 ac filter at the big box store and stick it to the side of the case over the big hole that you did not tape. This helps a lot to keep your machine clean, cool and quiet.

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