• If given the choice, I would buy a lot and build. That has always been my dream of mine to build a custom home. I think having a brand new place, that no one has previously lived in would be a great feeling.
  • Id' rather build my own, that way I know it was done right. I seen some of the craftsmanship of these McNeigborhoods pop'n up all over my prestine countryside, and it's pretty sh!itty says the kitty.
  • I've always felt it was the land that was the important thing. Location is everything they say. I would build my own home as we are right now. My husband and I are currently building our home. And it's just the two of us doing the building so we KNOW it's being done the way we like it. We know every log and every spike, every tile and nail. The satisfaction is enormous. It's an incredible thing to be doing, especially at our age. If' you might be interested in our project, the link below has our albums of the whole process, from clearing the land to where we are now. THe photo is of our house in December. We're in the process of adding a porch and balcony to the front facing the pond. I'll have to update my photos soon.
  • I would build my own home. There is nothing more annoying than a toilet next to your bedroom and you hear every time someone flushes at night. My point is if you design it, it will be perfect...for you.
  • Build that way its just perfect for me.

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