• Try adding liquid fabric softener in the washing machine or using a detergent with it mixed in, like Tide with Downey. They won't be a nice as using a dryer, but it helps a lot. Same thing goes for anything denim, but doubly so.
  • It's usually a build up of fabric conditioner that makes towels stiff over time, so first of all try doing without or using less. Adding a cup of white vinegar (it doesn't smell) mixed with a drop or two of lavender oil to your wash will help to get some of the sticky build up out and will get rid of that stiffness.
  • I love sun dried clothes. If you have a dryer, after you dry them on the line, you might consider a fabric softening sheet and just toss them in the dryer for 5 minutes. That would work.
  • Don't leave them out so long.

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