• Lenin's health had already been severely damaged due to the intolerable strains of revolution and war. The assassination attempt earlier in his life also added to his health problems. The bullet was still lodged in his neck too close to his spine for surgeons to remove it. In May 1922, Lenin had his first stroke. He was left partially paralyzed (on his right side) and his role in government declined. After the second stroke in December of the same year, he resigned from active politics. In March 1923 he suffered the third stroke and was left bedridden and no longer able to speak. Lenin died on January 21, 1924. Rumors of Lenin's syphilis sprang up shortly after his death. The official cause given for Lenin's death was cerebral arteriosclerosis, or a stroke (his fourth), but out of the 27 physicians who treated him, only eight signed onto that conclusion in his autopsy report. Therefore, several other theories regarding his death have been put forward. For example, a posthumous diagnosis by two psychiatrists and a neurologist recently published in the European Journal of Neurology claimed to show that Lenin died from syphilis. Although he might have had syphilis, so did a large percentage of Russians at this time. Also, he had no visible lesions on his body that accompany the last stages of the disease. Most historians still agree that the most likely cause of his death was a stroke induced by the bullet still lodged in his neck from the assassination attempt. Source:
  • not sure maybe syphillis
  • Wasn´t it syphillis?He´s brain started to mortify and later he wasn´t able to even speak nor walk.
  • Vladimir Lenin died from syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease which when reaches its tertiary stage becomes very confusing as other diseases. That is why it is also called as Great Imitator. Though it is officially announced that he died of several strokes but actually it was syphilis which killed him. He was treated with medicines needed to treat syphilis especially. WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR THE COMMUNIST!!! IF THE LEADER IS SO PURE....JUST IMAGINE HOW PURE THE FOLLOWERS WILL BE. LONG LIVE COMMUNISM!!!
  • lack of breath

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