• Brats
  • Broiled steak. Ours was always pan-fried. Pizza. We'd never heard of it till I was 12 or so. Pepperoni, please. Broccoli. It didn't do well in gardens then. Swordfish and fresh salmon. Fish then was catfish, or salmon in cans.
  • 'American' food, like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had buy my own and bring it in the house. Learned to make great cookies, too. But it wasn't anything my mom knew about so she didn't buy it on her own. We never ate Mexican food until I met my husband to be. He came over and cooked for my family and made all sorts of things for us. We had on rare occasions gone out for Mexican food, had even gone to Mexico but never tried making it at home. Since then, Mexican food is now my thing and we make great authentic food at home, way beyond tacos and enchiladas. And we never ate cold salads that are popular in America like cole slaws or macaroni salads. All my moms salads were more French, with little shrimp and flavored vinegars lol!
  • chinese food, sushi, anything spicy, salmon, salmon, salmon!
  • Real butter, brewed iced tea, fresh ground coffee from beans, olive oil, home made things. I was the product of a rather modern 50s/60s family.
  • Ravioli and lasagne. I didn't really enjoy my mothers cooking. My father loved London broil and other red meats, not my favorites.
  • Fresh vegetables!!!!
  • Fruit Roll-Ups!
  • Italian food, Chinese food, all manner of foods really. We grew up on rice and gravy and I hate that stuff now. lol
  • Crab Legs.
  • Steak,with 5 of us kids and only one parent working and all of us going to a Catholic school(around 1950)steak wasn't something we saw at the dinner table.
  • Mac and cheese!!!! Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich.... Mayo Avocado Tacos
  • Anything containing onions, garlic, peppers, or herbs. My stapfather had an awful stomach, and everything with flavour gave him heartburn. You should SMELL my kitchen of an evening now that I live on my own!!
  • pasta, salads, foreign food ie. indian, chinese, pizza, i came from a meat/potatoes/veg kinda house, same dinner every monday, same every tuesday etc etc... good wholesome but boring food!!
  • Australia went through a culinary revolution in the 70s, so what I eat now is so different from what I grew up with, it's frightening. Here are some of the things we NEVER saw: 1)garlic 2)spices of any type except for mild curry powder and pepper 3)proper pasta and proper sauces 4)Chinese food 5) cooking oil 6)asian noodles 7)mexican food 8)lentils, chickpeas etc 9)muesli 10)skim mmilk 11)asian vegetables 12)Italian shortbread biscuits 13)Asian fruits 14)Italian coffee 15)herbal teas 16) chilis/peppers 17)olives 18)salame and prosciutto There are things I cook now, like frittate, that use ingredients we had as children, but we would never have put together. We are an Italian-German-Australian family, with strong links to Asia (through my studies), so our cooking is VERY different from my mum's, and has a lot of differences from what my husband grew up with also.
  • Mashed Potatoes, my mom was allergic to them

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