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  • So, he wants to see what the single life will be like but keep the 'life line' and the 'sex line' open as well? No, tell him if he goes you're changing the locks, and the next voice he hears will be from your attorney.
  • Your husband would like the best of both worlds. If I was you, I would tell him to work on himself, and do it without you
  • So he wants to move out, but still be able to have sex with you?
  • He can't have best of both worlds it is not fair for you. If he is going to make a decision you need to make the decision of telling him you are either in or out. No in between and if he stays in get some counseling. Which I totally recommend.
  • What ever happened to counseling and working together as husband and wife? He's attempting to deceive you as to what his true motive is and avoiding the counseling that would perhaps find out.
  • As a professional couples counsellor I have to tell you that I have heard this one many times before. Sounds to me like he wants to get out and explore...the grass may be greener?... But he wants to leave his options open to come home if he cannot find "Miss Dreamgirl". You have options too. One may be to say "absolutely not!" and drive him underground. If he wants to play around he will, with or without "your permission". One may be to say.."OK...but what is good for the gander is certainly good for the goose". (This, of course, is the slippery slope to divorce). One may be to say "Sure, honey...go find out who you are...explore your environment...push the horizon back...and come home when you believe that even tho' you can find lots of hamburger out there, there's steak at home." If you pick any of these options, be sure to insist on lab tests before you even kiss him again, let alone let him into your bed.(How do you know he hasn't already sampled the wares out there?) Sweetheart, I am so sorry....but I think it's over. Perhaps he will agree to see a couple's counsellor with you, or you can use that as your 'condition' before making any decisions at all. If you have kids....try your best to drag him by the scruff of the neck to a counsellor. Good luck! And don't let him bamboozle you into thinking he is considering you at all in this move. This is about him - 100%
  • It never works out to separate to help the marriage. It can only be done with hard work TOGETHER. What does HE need to work out? How will you know if he isn't there. If he wants the marriage to work you both need to talk about it, find a plan and work at together. If he wants to leave, let him finish this relationship and then move on to find himself when that's done. But to move out and possible do things that will hurt and affect the marriage forever is WRONG! That is NOT a sincere need. It is a selfish desire and not for the betterment of the two of you.
  • The first question is: do you want to save this marriage? If so, read on. If not, see an attorney. If you want to save the marriage, one thing that yo must do is examine your own part in driving him out. believe me, you share the responsibility. It's not all selfish-hubby. It's a two-way street. You will have plenty of time to examine your part: It's true that he wants to see whether the grass is greener out there--and it may be, but the chances are that it won't be. Let him go; but be available, compassionate, open. Be sure that he knows and accepts that while he is inspecting the grass that you will be doing so also. Try not to be hostile. Try to be that warm, mature woman you know that you can be. Cutting off sex is warranted. Let him find it elsewhere, if he can. You do the same. When he comes around to visit, be very nice, give him his favorite meals--but no sex--not yet. Don't ask what he is doing while he is away from you. Let him assume that you know and are okay with it. If he asks what you are doing during the separation find a nice, humorous way to avoid answering. While you are apart it's none of his business--but say it nicer. By the ninth month, you might have a very hot make-up sex night. It'll be great for both of you, provided you have managed to remain calm and cool about his "vacation." After this great night, (or afternoon) give him a few more months, then if you're not back together, well, that would be time for a lawyer. If you are back together both of you must go for counseling. You could make your marriage into a great thing, better than ever. the separation will temper the marriage and it'll be a stronger marriage than anyones' who you know. Plenty of separations result in a good, re-newed marriage.
  • What exactly does he mean by you should continue to fulfil you're physical needs. Doe he mean you should still sleep together even though you live seperately or does he mean he would be cool with it if you brought home other men during the seperaqtion to have sex with. Either way he sounds like a real ass to me. I would tell him that if this is what he really wants he has 2 weeks to make up his mind otherwise you will make it up fir him by changing the locks and putting any personal belongings of his left on the front doorstep for collection by him. Then I would stick to it and mean it.
  • He wants to seperate. He wants his cake and eat it too. I would either tell him stay or divorce. I used this excuse myself when I wanted to see another person a very long time ago. I would take it as he wants to be able to tell a sygnificant other person he has left his wife without really leaving her, he is lying to you and to "someone else" Thats what I think.
  • If you can't work on and improve yourselves while staying together then there is no basis for a relationship.
  • 2-19-2017 So he wants time to himself? Tell him to go deer camping like all the other husbands do.
  • it dont sound like it makes sense to me either

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