• Well, I think I would. Unless I had the chance to pass this illness onto the possible child. Having this child isn't about me- it's about the child and the child's life. If I was with someone who I loved and adored and knew in my heart of hearts this child would be taken care of after I left- I would, yes. But if it were just to have a child for the sake of having one, and no one to care for it after I left- No. I would not want to do that to a poor child. So, I suppose that all depends on the situation.
  • I can't say for sure but I think that if I knew the child would be loved and cared for after my death then I might consider it.
  • Thank you Idne..I copied it :)
  • No cause that would be totally irresponsible,selfish and unfair to the child.
  • Sure why not! You wont have to buy him a car!
  • If I was already pregnant when finding out I wouldn't be living long, then I would definately have the child. But otherwise, I wouldn't.
  • Yes. My kids' dad died when he was 40. He was glad to have had two sons. Having a child isn't about seeing them grow up. It's about giving life.
  • Just make sure you know who's going to take care of him/her when you're gone.
  • Yes, I know my child would be cared for, and just think of the wonderful things they might do, maybe they are the ones to discover the cure becuase of your illness.
  • yes, my family would want someone to remember me by. And the child would be raised knowing that I am dying. And those who will take care of him/her in the future will be doing so in the present already and will have developed a close parent -child relationship. I already know this because my family is very close!
  • write a book, plant a tree, have a child (or three), these are the ways to Immortality. seeing as this question was asked 18 months ago and a year before you had your hyst. did you think to harvest any eggs ? you could have children and not have to give birth to them your self(or be on the spot to raise them either). just make sure that you get to have the thumb up or thumb down on WHO gets your eggs. which is to say, In a world where the stupid breed like flys, good brains NEED to reproduce their lines to keep the human average Intel up.
  • As long as being pregnant with the child didn't bring harm to the unborn child! Love ya DreAnna!! Miss you already!!!
  • Hard question...I would say yes...being a parent is something I'm very glad that I experienced. They are older now...if it happened now they would be okay

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