• Okay He will come back trust me. I personaly don't think you should take him back. You love him because you guys have been together 5 years.
  • You were the first time he abused you. Count your lucky stars you got out before he killed you and move on. You're better off without him. And a guy like that piece of trash is not worth your life. Call a therpist you need to get some help to deal with what assmunch has put you through.
  • Thank God that you got out and seek some counseling. You need help. What you think of as love is dependency. Abuse is never done in love. Jealousy is not a sign of love. You need to find away to deal with some issues. I don't know you well enough to offer any kind of practical advice but from what you wrote in your question I can tell you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. I hope you can find some help.
  • However much you love him, abuse, either physical or verbally is not acceptable behaviour - EVER. We do not hurt the people we love. Jealousy is destructive and should not be taken as an indication of how much another person loves us. Do not go to him however badly you feel at the moment. If you do, nothing will change and the abuse/jealousy and so on, will continue as before. However much you love him, you must love yourself more and take steps to protect yourself. Talk to somebody - call a helpline, talk to your doctor, find a suitable organisation and take steps to contact them , talk to a family member. In short, talk about this to somebody. You do not have to face this alone unless that is what you choose. Whatever you do, do not go back to him, now or ever. He will damage you further. Good luck.
  • Count yourself lucky to be free of this man. Since you are pretty and available, use this time to find someone who will treat you right. You might have a touch of "Stockholm Syndrome". This is common and a good therapist can help you out.
  • Try counseling. People can change and it'd be great if he was willing.
  • He's just making up things to argue with you, he doesn't care about you. He's a loser!!! Lose him. Get on with your life. There are plenty of nice guys, find one and forget about this jerk!!!!! If you stay with this guy you will lose your life, you won't have one!!!
  • hey, just wanted to show support. so you think he broke up with you for no good reasons. He even abused you. I feel really bad i wish i could help your situation. You shouldnt put up with abuse though youre worth more than that. You should only be with someone if they treat you right. That being said you must forgive him, because holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to be hurt by it. Theres so much to live for my friend...please find hope. God can help you. Pray to him and he will answer. I will pray for you as well. If youre feeling a dangrr to yourself call thr national suicide prevention helpline. Dont take any risks. It can be a mental illness that you can recieve help for. I have schizophrenia myself. Please keep going on and overcome this obstacle in your life. Trust in God and he will bring you through. God bless you.
  • you're lucky that he left you because a lot of women are to scared to leave an abusive relationship.- some even end up dead.

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