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  • How about you propose?
  • This may sound silly but I remember one special occasion years ago when my guy made a birthday cake for me and had candles lit all around it and we ate it with our fingers ..sitting on pillows on the floor. Yea.. I know it sounds funny but it was beautiful to me that he made it with his own hands and it was kind of the whole sixteen candles (movie) type scene. We took a bubble bath together and it was just very romantic. Just the two of us.
  • 6 shots and no proposal? Ya know when you play russian roulette your supposed to put a bullet in one of the chambers! LOL!
  • Not sure of your budget, or abilities to do these things, but. Buy her name as a domain and make a website saying you love her, and send her a link. Make her dinner and pamper her. Call her boss and tell her boss it's your anniversary, send her flowers at work, and have her boss tell her to take the rest of the day off, be waiting for her in the lobby and sweep her off her feet (her co-workers will talk about it for years). Some ideas.

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