• LOL Hey GG, nice to see you again, and your birdie. I only assume squirells are so darn fast, they poop and run? Sorry, never gave it any thought..:)
  • Squirrels and Raccoons have a MUCH larger range than ducks - Ducks just chill in one area for a long period of time, and this place is normally where people feed them, so thats why you can see theirs. Squirrels and Raccoons however dont like people, and spend most of their time away from them. If you were to go searching in the forest, Im sure you would find plenty : )
  • Birds and Ducks eat the others poop and then no one eats theirs.
  • Squirrel poop looks like little black pellets like rats have only a little bigger. It's all over you just don't notice it.
  • Actually, we have both Squirrels and Raccoons (as well as an Oppossum) that like to hang around our house. It's OK, we are animal lovers. I think that all of the Squirrels and Raccoons in the Pacific Northwest, collect all of their droppings and leave them just outside of our backdoor!
  • Not on the subject really, but that's not birds' poop you see. It's their pee. Yum, huh?
  • they dry it out and use it as nesting material.
  • is this a conspiracy? squirrels don't poop. they're robots with little CIA cameras in their skulls. why do you think they look around so much?
  • Squirrels have really small oval droppings that are light brown and blend real easy with the ground and dried leaves. It would be very difficult to find over their whole territory of 1-6 acres. Just as a mouse in the wild would have a hard time finding it's droppings, so would a squirrel.
  • I personally see it all the time. lol i think its cause of where i live.
  • Maybe you're just lucky. We have tons of squirrels around here, including their droppings and their dead bodies when they get hit by cars or caught by cats.
  • I'll tell you where it goes. *pulls out feces collection*
  • Want to see some animal poop? Let's take a walk in the woods.
  • Probably because you just don't notice it since it's small and also round like little pellets. Like rabbits, squirrels also sometimes eat their own poop since they have a really inefficient digestive system and sometimes need to eat their own feces to get to the nutrients they missed the first time.
  • thats a good question, i have no idea

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