• I wouldn't recommend it. 30 weight oil is fairly heavy and viscous. The oil pump may have a hard time circulating it and that would lead to oil starvation > engine damage. Stick to what the manual says. If you want to run a heavier oil to help stop oil consumption then consult a toyota dealer. They will tell you how high you can go in the weights.
  • As a man who has run (and flogged) many a high-mileage engine from -40F to +102F in many cars, I think I might know a few things about this. If your car has about average mileage, you're looking at ~120K; please correct me if I am wrong. My experience is that that usually pushes the oil requirement up to a 10w-30 right off the bat unless the thing has been babied and IMMACULATELY, RELIGIOUSLY maintained. Since it isn't in the same mileage range as most cars I have owned a 10w-40 probably is overkill unless it's been abused and straight-30 is rarely a good idea anyways unless you stay in areas of approximately the same temperature. Go with the 10w-30 and a can of "Restore".
  • Yes, once, but if you do this a lot, you will change the present engine oil from 5W30 to just 30. The 5 means the oil will flow rapidly at engine startup, a good thing. The W30 means the oil will flow slower after the engine warms up to operating temperature, a good thing. So if you use only 30, then at startup, the most stressful time for the engine, the oil will NOT get to critical engine parts rapidly, a bad thing.

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