• It means exactly that. I have always loved you and no matter what I always will. That person has made an impact and it will never be forgotten no matter the circumstance.
  • It usually means "i'm breaking up with you, but I want to come off like the good guy". it's impossible for someone to have ALWAYS loved you, unless you knew the person from the time you were conceived. It's obvious they won't always love you, or else they wouldn't be breaking up with you. Sorry.
  • sometimes it can mean break up because most times a statement is follwed with a but. it's like a friendly lover's farewell
  • Sounds like it's phrased in the past tense, so you might be getting dumped if there's a "but" after it.
  • Well if it's not the breakup line then it means that the minute they laid eyes on you they knew you were the one and that the feelings they feel for you are so strong that there's no chance of them ever fading.
  • (woops, wrong text box, This was supposed to be a comment on American Idle's Answer) "I always will" isnt really a Past tense alarm bell...The phrase itself is a powerfull "I love you message" - Like you said though, If there is a "but" after any I love you, then Sirens should be blaring and bells ringing. ONLY if there is a But. Otherwise, its a beautifull gesture.
  • It means from the moment they saw you they loved you and no matter what they always will. You've found yourself the elusivive true love, hold on tight and don't let go.
  • Goodbye.
  • it means they will always have a specail place in there heart for you no matter what happens
  • The two of them may or may not end up together, but the feelings will always be there.
  • it means no matter how much it isnt working out or working out, everything will be fine and u will live thru it rather witht them or not!!!
  • It means they want to break up with you but they do not want to hurt your feelings, and by saying they will always love you is letting you down easy. I have said that a few times in the past. If they are not breaking up with you then it is a good thing.
  • That they love you and always will...

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