• No, we've gone metric.
  • No, I live in an apartment. I miss having a yard. I used to enjoy gardening and having barbeques.
  • No, I have a garden
  • no not where i live, i live in a flat and i would love to have my own garden to sunbathe in the summer and have bbqs. my dad as a big yard though so i can just go round to his its only 2 mins away from me.
  • Americans and British people have different definitions of 'yard'. In America it seems to be that if you have some land (even if it's quite a lot of land including grass/concrete/patio/pool etc) at the back of your house you have a yard. In England, the afore mentioned facilities in your patch of land would mean you have a 'garden'. A 'yard' here is a small (usually concrete) patch at the back of your house, it isn't very big at all.
  • Here in Southern California, your joking right. Where lucky if we have enough yard to have your pet do there business. . & it's shrinking all the time. pretty soon they'll have to use the toilet(they better have good aim
  • Sorry I have only got 2 feet!
  • I've got only half a meter(50cm), sorry.
  • 2.69 acres in California's Central Valley just outside Fresno and Clovis. And I can see the Sierra range from here. yes. we have a yard and I am getting ready to go work in it as soon as my wife gets home.
  • I wish..
  • No, I live in an apartment building in Downtown Seattle. I have an "atrium" though.
  • In America I have quite a large yard. In England I have a Garden in this place and a Small Cottage garden in my Cottage (which is rented out) in the Lake District
  • Yes, two acres of a yard, very unusual in our area. We try to be very discreet and low key, hoping realtors will not notice us for a while... ha
  • I have a koi pond and a small vegetable garden. Tomatoes, mostly. Some peppers.
  • Well I'm not sure what a yard is. I've always lived on a bit of acreage. For 32 years we lived on 45 acres in California but had about a 1 acre area that was our yard. Garden, poultry house, fruit orchard. Now we live in New YOrk and have 14 acres but it's almost all woods and wilds. We are still in the building stage but I'm trying to carve a little garden area. So far my 'yard area' is the decks and planter area right around the house.
  • yep, it's 36 inches.
  • oh crap, I am a pumpkin of course I have a yard, a garden and a fountain. I am flipping flush with things that are green.
  • Yes, and apparently it is too much of one. Two people that have looked at our house said "We love the house, but that is WAY more yard than we want to have to maintain." I like our yard, it is fenced in, tree lined in the back, sunny in the middle and has a screened in patio and outdoor patio.

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