• sometimes if you are stressed out worrying about something its hard to get to sleep because you are thinking of the problem all the time. i used to have this a lot. try a natural remedy from the chemists to help you sleep. if the problem continues though i think you need to go and see a doctor
  • You definitely seem to have insomnia; the question is what's causing it. If you have a lot of stree, as you indicate, that could be a primary cause. I find that over-the-counter melatonin has helped me when I had trouble sleeping. It's not a sedative but a hormone that helps regulate the body to the cycles of light and dark. You may also want to investigate methods of stress reduction, like exercise, meditation, stress management classes, time management, etc. If the problem persists, you really should consult your doctor. Sleep disorders can have lasting effects on other parts of our lives. Good luck.
  • I agree with staffie and gideon. To add, when my daughter suffers from insomnia due to stress, she takes a homeopathic relaxer called Calms Forte--available at most health stores. Non-habit forming and as natural as possible.

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