• because they believed their loved one had "Free will" and chose to reject "christ". to a godbot, all that matters is getting into the pearly gates.
  • It is never ok. I have lost both parents. I almost lost a daughter a few years ago. I have a brother who has an incurable disease. I am watching him slowly die before my eyes. Each time the phone rings, I wonder if it will be news. How dare some of you trivialise watching someone die in any circumstance? And making comments as if ANYone could just shrug it off? FYI we Christians suffer each day worrying about our loved ones. And not only our loved ones, but the whole world. That is why we keep telling you over and over again to turn to Jesus. We actually WANT you there with us forever. And so does God. That is why He allowed His own Son to suffer and die (and Jesus was willing), so that you and me and all our loved ones could spend eternity with Him in paradise.
  • I'm fascinated at such knowledge. As far as I am aware, the only person who has ever died and come back to talk about it was 2000 years ago and there's still a lot of controversey about him. How can anyone know who is going to heaven or hell? Is this some kind of special knowledge known to only a select few? Or to just one person? Where does the knowledge come from. Don't tell me the Bible, it's a book that has been translated umpteen times and there are multiple versions, each claiming to be the ONE TRUE etc. Interesting that some people feel they are able to pass judgment on another's destination.
  • I suppose that if you love God, Jesus and Heaven more than anything or anyone else, then you will accept it with great joy and celebration regardless of the pain your friends are experiencing in Hell.
  • Well, my feelings are that if there is in fact a hell, I'll be going there. I refuse to worship a god who would be willing to torture his creations for cruel.

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