• I really don't think that there is any easy answer to this. This is probably just like getting over someone you've dated for year, even though you two don't seem to have exactly dated. If things are absolutely not going to change and there is no chance in the future, then I guess you should treat it like you would a normal boyfriend that you're heartbroken over: *talk with your close friends, girlfriends, about him. let them now how you feel, maybe they can give you words of comfort *get him out of your life, because even if you see him or just barely talk to him, those feelings could still always be there. As hard as it may be, you needt o get him out of your life so that you can get past, without even thinking about him. I know there are more tips, but its know. Getting past someone is so hard to do. Sometimes only you know how to do it.
  • He was comfortable banging you all these years and now he is not comfortable being in a relationship with you? Honey, he sounds like a total user, let him go.
  • been there done that, but it was a shorter relationship. the guy didnt want me to tell anyone i was "with" friends with about 3 years later i just up and stopped talking to him, guess what? he doesnt care, and stopped texting me a few months later. it gets easier.
  • The problem is, you were giving him all the goods without making him be with you. Even though once you leave he'll probably realize the error of his ways, keep him gone, or he'll hurt you again.
  • i think you must consider it as one sided love but am sure its gonna hurt you !!!!!!!! Love gives us much happiness yet it hurts !!!!!! But i think its a choice you have to make either you continue this one sided love or you end this relationship completely
  • Hey don't blame him. I mean not just him. He's made it clear that he doesn't want to be in a relationship.Friends with benefits goes both ways. It is consentual innit? So, if you think that's wrong blame yourself (as well). That said, if you 'really' want to stop. Stop talking/seeing him. That's the only way. We're all programmed to move on, sooner or later.
  • I must say I was in a somewhat similar situation and I finally just had to go cold turkey. It was like kicking a bad drug habit. The pain was intense for the first week or so but after a while the craving for this persons company began to fade and I was finally able to get on with my life. Good luck and God bless it is going to be hard but take each day one at a time.
  • The best thing to do, is to try and get together with him because chances are, it wont work, but its easier to try it than to suffer the heartache of not knowing. I fell in love with my best friend, it tooks us years and years to get together, we got together, he moved home from Canada to Ireland to be with me, and from the moment I picked him up from the airport, something didnt seem right. I didnt say anything for a few weeks, but it just didnt feel right so it was ended. Now he doesnt speak to me, which is okay with me but at least I was honest with him and at one point, he was the greatest love I had ever felt. Good luck xx

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