• For some reason the clipboard (the part of windows that stores the picture info when you copy/paste) isn't recieving the information. I would imagine this is either because it doesn't recognise what you are tring to copy as a picture, or because the website or similar is somehow blocking windows, perhaps because of copyright. If it is a website you are trying to copy from, you could leave a link as a comment and I could try to get the image for you. Alternatively (though this takes a bit more effort and is only ideal for images that fit on one page); 1 Go to the image you want to copy. 2 Press Alt and PrtScr buttons on your keyboard at the same time. PrtScr should be located above your delete and insert keys. 3 Open Paint, or another graphics program. 4 Choose Edit, then Paste. 5 A screenshot should appear, containing the image you want. 6 You can now use the selection tools to select only the part you want, and then copy and paste this into Word.
  • Make sure you have the actual file with the graphic, not just a link. If you have the actual graphic file, it may be in a file format that Word cannot display. Then you would have to convert it into a gif, jpg, bmp, or other format that Word can handle.

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