• Small, narrow-minded people just grouping certain types of innocent "apples" into the same barrel as the rotten ones. It's easier just to hate ALL of "them", than to see the big picture.
  • People make large sweeping generalizations...
  • Usually fom generalities that are real that get exagerated to make it look a lot wors than it really is.
  • The concept of stereotyping comes from observing groups of people that exhibit common traits.
  • It was in Scientific American, the mind, where they stated distinctly that our brains naturally stereotype and 2 other things as an impulse, the impulse mind, I think the article was.Oh yeah, the 3 things the impulse mind does is judge without knowing, stereotype without knowing and mimic without knowing. I am pretty sure the article was titled "Our Unconscious Mind".
  • They are usually based in some broad fact or set of facts involving a subset of a group of people. For example, many people are convinced that black people are inherently criminal because a higher percentage of black people than other groups end up arrested and incarcerated. There are serious socio-economic and historical reasons for that, but stereotypers not only ignore those reasons, they extrapolate from the subset to the group at large. Ergo, all blacks, in their view, are criminals or at least have criminal tendencies.

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