• It was online,not on the news.
    • Archie Bunker
      Why is that? We heard every day on CNN about her suing him for defamation, but now that she lost and has to pay him instead, we hear bupkiss.
    • Roaring
      CNN sucks MSNBC sucks mainstream media is more interested in soap opera news rather than social economic news that may affect us all. Why don't they cover how beholden most all corporate Dems and Corporate Repubs are so busy kissing donor ass than representing their respective communities. Not a peep. Just Russiagate ad nausium.
    • Archie Bunker
      True. They're going to continue beating the dead Russian horse for as long as they can. The sheeple are fickle and will keep drinking the same KoolAid without anything of substance to back it up. Even though it's been two years and after all the scheming and wire tapping and other BS, still not one iota of evidence to show any collusion between Trump and the Russians. And the Congress.....? They're so busy trying to keep their jobs that they forget to actually do their jobs. Too busy lining their pockets. Take Ocasio-Cortz for example. I'm willing to bet that the socialist girl who says she can't afford an apartment will come out in the end a millionaire. And the Republicans had both houses and the White House and still they didn't do shit but whine and complain. Makes you wonder why people don't like politicians.

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