• That is really a personal preference, I think. Yes, it is long... about 2 1/2 hours. Not boring at all. hard to follow? Maybe. There is a LOT jammed in. They easily could have made it into two movies and fleshed out some of the parts a bit more. but I really enjoyed it.
  • Tough question to answer! To put it one way is to say; it was a bit like following Jack's compass, when your not really sure what you truly want.
  • ok this movie isnt the best, but its just fun! like its soo hard to explain. its funny great easy to follow but the plot is all over the place, its for pure entertainment and nothing else. its long but not to long because your entertained throughout the whole movie!
  • Long, yes. Hard to follow, well there were things I missed because it's been a while since I saw the first two, but those didn't matter so much. Boring? Not a chance. I really liked the movie and plan to see it again when it comes out on DVD.

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